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Grumble WIP by Trainwrekcomics Grumble WIP by Trainwrekcomics
Yeah, so, this guy is one of my fan characters for the TRANSFORMERS movie franchise. His name is growl, and he is pretty much the movie version of my pessimistic survivalist BW character Slayerine, personality wise. I have no idea what is function is at the moment, but I'm thinking something along the lines of a berzerker, 'cause this guy just loves annihilating any and all decepticons that come his way, be it with his high impulse ion launcher (the 'pain-maker'), or with his bare, steel hands. PREFERABLY with his bare steel hands.

Of interest to some is that, were he an official character, this would be the closest we would get to having a dinobot in the movies, since his altmode is 2010 Ford Raptor, his head resembles an ankylosaurus (my favorite dinosaur), and he has some personality traits with BW Dinobot.

I should also like to mention two other things; Firstly, this is a work in progress, so the finished version will be much "cleaner" than this, and his license plate says "Ben's Truck", also effectively making this my OC.

*EDIT* Upon further research into the transformers mythos (via the teletraan-1 wiki), I stumbled upon the fact that there already is a G1 character called Growl, who has, shall we say, a vaguely similar personality/function to the previously named Growl. Henceforth, "Growl" shall now be called "Grumble", which not only describes his character, but is to some extent a portmanetou of "GRowl" his previous name, and "Rumble" something he enjoys doing.

Hope this helps!
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May 28, 2010
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