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Ulvania by Trainwrekcomics Ulvania by Trainwrekcomics
Harro, everynyan!

These are some character designs for a series of drawings that have caught my imaginative fancy. Entitled "Ulvania", it's going to be a series of drawings based in this Universal Monster-esque land that resides in my imagination. So to begin, here are some of the Characters in said country;

Rip-The werewolf in the center, Rip is the current owner of Schloss Grossenstein ( I'll be posting a pic of that soon enough). Unlike a lot of my werewolf characters (who tend to be complete monsters ala Hannibal Lecter and embrace the beast within), he's genuinely a good guy. Like a lot of my werewolf characters, he's in complete control of his werewolf form. Still doesn't mean the villagers trust him, though.

Theodore Stregorivich-The Vampire on the right. I'll admit, in the past, I was fervently on the werewolf side on the whole Werewolf vs. vampire thing, but as time went on I got sick of that whole debate. Then, of course, Twilight came along and I was one of the many turning vampires back into the decrepit, mindless revanents they once were. Now however, I've decided both have run their course, and so Theodore is my response to that; he looks like nosferatu, but behaves a lot more like Dracula. His two "Brides" are Calinda (left, who is than loyal filial to him) and Felicia (right, who adores him). They all reside in the castle, and turn into mist, wolves and, primarily, owls ( actual vampire lore. Look it up!).

The protector-The Frankenstein Monster on the left. Built by a Scientist wanting to protect the town of Neusteinburg (name of said village mentioned earlier), the villagers were less than thrilled about being protected by a monster. As such, he's angry, yet figures in time the villagers will have to accept him. Of course, if they don't, he's always got a place in the castle.
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December 31, 2011
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